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The IT Association of Canada (ITAs) is going to be a registered non-profitable organization with a primary purpose of connecting IT professionals throughout Canada.

We believe together we can achieve more.

Our mission is to foster the professional development of IT professionals across Canada. We aim to prepare them with the skills, knowledge, and professional and social connections they need to achieve their own aspirations.

Our long-term vision is to build a reciprocal community for IT professionals across Canada.

Monthly Technical Events

Come and join our monthly technical events, as we host local sessions in Toronto, Calgary, and (soon) Vancouver. From them you can learn emerging trends in the IT industry, including cloud computing, AI, programming languages, system design, and many more.

We have run many successful events in 2023-2024, and we are looking forward to seeing you in our future events.

Social Events

Through periodical virtual or face-to-face social events, members can easily connected to each other across the cities and building up their professional and social networks to empower their success.

The most recently series we run is the Toronto Downtown Coffee Chat on Thursday or Friday noons. We are looking forward to seeing you in our future events.

Job Referrals

Gain a first-hand perspective of jobs from professionals that work on campus and industrial recruiting, get a taste of company culture, and improve your chances of nailing the interview.

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