Recap of Global AI Bootcamp 2023 Toronto

Online Event

On March 2nd, the Toronto .NET Club held its first technical exchange event at Microsoft Canada Head Office. As part of the Global AI Bootcamp 2023, the event featured three experts from ITAs who shared the latest technology and use cases related to AI and Azure. That evening, dozens of software engineers, project managers, operations staff, and university students from Toronto and other parts of Canada attended in person or online.

The event started with an introduction of ITAs, its founding purposes and development plans. Next, ITAs directors announced the creation of the Toronto .NET Club, unveiling this emerging developer community. Then, the three ITAs directors shared the latest research findings on AI and practical use cases in Azure and other fields.

  • Lex Li reviewed the brief history of AI technology and introduced various AI-related services offered by the Azure platform.
  • George Chen focused on how to quickly build an intelligent system using Azure platform services.
  • Cheng Zhang shared a practical solution for improving DevSecOps efficiency using ChatGPT.

The participants were active in asking questions, and creating a very enthusiastic and harmonious atmosphere.

The event concluded with a lucky draw. Five winners received a one-year subscription code for the Microsoft 365 Family, bringing the atmosphere to another climax. The entire event ended in a relaxed and enjoyable mood, with many attendees taking the opportunity to tour Microsoft’s beautiful office and continue interacting with the speakers.

Videos related to this event have been uploaded to our official YouTube channel, and you are welcome to follow the channel to get latest updates.

The establishment of the Toronto .NET Club has provided us a great platform for local developers, promoting technical exchanges and cooperation, and showcasing the community’s vitality and innovative spirit. The event for April is already in preparation. Let’s look forward to it.

Would you like to join us immediately? Please leave a message for the editor.

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