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You might often wonder about the following questions,

  • “Which jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence?”
  • “Can artificial intelligence possess emotions and consciousness?”
  • “Can artificial intelligence help humanity solve its current array of problems?”
  • “Should high school students consider artificial intelligence as their major?”
  • “Is there still an opportunity for small businesses in AI entrepreneurship?”

The IT Professional Association of Canada (ITAs) and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Toronto Alumni Association jointly host an AI application and entrepreneurship exchange event.

This event continues to be held at Microsoft Canada Head Office, with heartfelt thanks for Microsoft’s generous support. Apart from the three founders of ITAs, we have also invited more technical experts and investors in the AI field as special guests.

Here, you will share entrepreneurial experiences and technical discussions with AI entrepreneurs and experts from various fields. We believe this will be an exchange experience full of inspiration and opportunities, allowing you to gain many valuable insights and meet like-minded partners.

There will also be a lucky draw at the event, so stay tuned!

Special Guests

  • Kinfey Lo, Senior Advocate at Microsoft
  • Jun Yuan, Managing Director at RBC
  • Lingyang Chu, Professor in the Department of Computer Science at McMaster
  • Liqing Pan, Former CPO of WEB3 business line at Amber Group
  • Tao He, Digital Manager at Rogers Communications Group and Visiting Professor at Jianghan University Medical School

Date: April 22, 2023, Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm Location: 43 Floor, 81 Bay St., Toronto ON, M5J 0E7

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